Fraud in Healthcare

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HealthcareFraud is in the Local news again.  This time the target organization is the University of Louisville.  The Executive Director of the Center for Family & Geriatric Medicine is alleged to have written checks to himself in excess of $2 Million.  What I find interesting is that when interviewed, U of L President, James Ramsey commented that “there was nothing wrong with the University’s internal controls procedures, they just weren’t followed.”

If that doesn’t scream something’s wrong, I don’t know what does.  We can all have the most elaborate policies, but if they aren’t followed, we aren’t protecting our assets.  The development and implementation of Internal Controls must go together in a Asset Protection Plan.  This alleged scheme has been allowed to go on for 7 years.   This is not the first case that the university has had come up in the news in recent years either.

Read more about all the lavish cars this fraudster purchased with university funds at

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