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Tax Return Fraud Can Happen To You

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17th October

Do you have your date of birth on your Facebook page?  You could be making it easier for a fraudster to steal your identity and your tax refund.  Now the only other thing they need is your social security number, which can be bought from the right people. The IRS should be able to protect us, they have our W2s electronically filed.  The tax season has been delayed for the past several years.  Why don’t they

Theft in the Sunny Side of Louisville

2nd October

It seems that we’re hearing about another fraud case every week.  The refreshing fact on these recent local stories are that restitution is being made, perpetrators are being held accountable and prosecution is imminent.  It has been a rarity for the victim organization to recover any of the losses in the past.  I welcome this new trend of companies pressing charges in these theft cases.  Most recently there was a young Branch Manager accused of theft at Centra Bank in Scottsburg, IN.  She schemed $63,000 from Centra Bank over the course of 2012 by taking cash from teller drawers and manipulating customer accounts.  I wonder if that position provides too much temptation for a 24 year old.

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Theft in the Church

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2nd October

These days we see theft and deception everywhere, even in churches.   In the local news, we have a bookkeeper accused of stealing $thousands$ from a church by taking donations meant for the school.  The issue of trust comes into play in many a minds.  As a minister or a small business owner, you want to believe that people can still be trusted.  Although there are still many trustworthy people, the reality is that morality and right and wrong are becoming more subjective based on the benefits available to the decision maker at the time of the decision.  Opportunity, motive and rationalization .  So, why does an Accountant/Fraud Examiner choose topics like this for their blog?  I choose these topics for two reasons: 1) because I believe small business owners need more than trust as the “go to” tools in their Asset Protection Arsenal … Read More »

Fraud in Healthcare

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2nd October

Fraud is in the Local news again.  This time the target organization is the University of Louisville.  The Executive Director of the Center for Family & Geriatric Medicine is alleged to have written checks to himself in excess of $2 Million.  What I find interesting is that when interviewed, U of L President, James Ramsey commented that “there was nothing wrong with the University’s internal controls procedures, they just weren’t followed.”

If that doesn’t scream something’s wrong, I don’t know what does.  We can all have the most elaborate policies, but if they aren’t followed, we aren’t protecting our assets.  The development and implementation of Internal Controls must go together in a Asset Protection Plan.  This alleged scheme has been allowed to go on for 7 years.   This is not the first case that the university has had come up in the news … Read More »

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Tax Return Fraud Can Happen To You

Do you have your date of birth on your Facebook page?  You could be making it easier for a fraudster to steal your identity...

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