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Debra WoodDebra Woods, CFE, is a professional businesswoman with 20+ years’ experience in Accounting, Purchasing and Operational Leadership.  As the daughter of a Successful Entrepreneur, she has always understood the dollars and “sense” of business.  In her 20+ years in business, she has learned the ins and outs and pitfalls of the accounting cycle, through experience in Receiving, Purchasing, and Sales before completing the circle again in Accounting and Operations Management.

Debra began her Accounting career in the accounting department of what is now Louisville’s largest Travel Agency.  This is where she met James Smith, her business partner in CYA Concepts, LLC.  They became friends and maintained in contact and shared friendship for 20 years.

Debra holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Accounting as well as an Associate Degree in Business.  She maintains her Fraud Examiners’ Certification with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  She has a passion for helping small businesses improve their financial position through all types of asset protection; from cost containment and contract negotiation to process improvement and fraud prevention.  Debra and James believe their well-rounded experience is what sets them apart from competitors in their ability to help the small business owner cover their assets and improve their bottom line.

As a military veteran, James Smith worked for the railroad while attending college, focusing on business and accounting.  He started his own construction business and performed his own bookkeeping until he was offered an accounting position with an established builder.  He continued in the construction industry, holding positions as Operations Manager and Comptroller.  Jim has designed and initiated bookkeeping systems for several startup companies. He has experience training personnel to assume responsibility for the systems he has implemented.  Most recently, Jim retired from CFO position with a trucking company.

So how does this lead to starting your own business?  It went something like this.  Debra woke up one day and realized as a Certified Fraud Examiner, she could help many small businesses.  These small business owners would be happy to see her coming because she would be finding problems that they want to have uncovered.  She had talked about the need for a company that specialized in fraud investigation  and bookkeeping for small businesses. In late 2012, she convinced James Smith to partner with her in the enterprise called CYA Concepts, LLC.  Business began under that name in January 2013, helping business owners Cover Your Assets with accounting concepts.


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